Its that time of year where, for some, its the festive season for others a new year. Either way, its a great time of year for me to take time to thank you all for your efforts and look forward to a busy 2022.

Firstly, can I thank Charles for his continued guidance and leadership during 2021. I’m not sure we would get through our work without him, and even if we did, I suspect we would not be quite so compliant with the ISO rules and process. Thank you Mr Corrie!

2021年,我们还任命了Ashley Barratt担任TC的副主席,他积极参与了一些工作组的工作,并感谢他对工作事项的宝贵建议。感谢各位的努力,我期待与各位成员、Charles和各工作组召集人在2022年继续共事。
2021 was the year where we also welcomed Ashley Barratt as our Deputy Chair. I know he has actively engaged in a number of the WGs and I certainly appreciate his counsel on many matters over the year. Thank you for your efforts and I look forward to working with yourself, Charles and the Convenor team in 22.

We have additionally grown our convenor team for 2 reasons. Firstly each WG now has at least 2 convenors to provide us with resilience in these difficult times but additionally it spreads the workload in a world where working remotely has increased the pace of work. Can I thank all convenors, deputies and their team leads for their efforts in keeping our workload on track. I certainly recognize the efforts from the working group leadership team as they do the really heave lifting in the committee to produce our outputs.

As a final thanks – it goes without question to the many hundreds of experts across 35 countries who contribute to our work and make our outputs possible. I’ve noted over the last few years a growth in diversity but we still have a long way to go to ensure that our work reflects the expertise of all of our communities and not just a few. I’m particularly pleased to see more younger active contributors as well as more ladies participating in our work and we need to remember that remote/virtual working provides greater opportunities for those that are not usually able to travel to more actively participate in our work. This can only be a good thing and I welcome it.

Looking forward to next year (perhaps this year by the time you read this). We have a large workload. With 9 working groups, many of them working on workstreams that are running in parallel we need to keep our eyes firmly focused on the dates laid out in the our timetable of work. Yes – this is challenging but conversely it is essential that we keep work in parallel so our publications remain aligned. I’m sure that with the group of experts we have and the reach back into the National mirror committees we will deliver our work.

I will end this note by wishing you and your families all the very best wishes for a healthy and happy 2022. Stay safe everyone and I look forward to meeting with you virtually over the year and hope for potential face to face meetings in the next 18 months or so as restrictions ease around the world.

Happy New Year everyone!!Best regards,

Rhys Davies
ISO/TC 251主席

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